The latest stuff

Bambooky Project

The long-awaited collaboration with Kiwai Lai. Lots of dirty guitars, 808 beats, and noisy electronics.

The official Cryptozoology EP release is out

This five song EP is a collection of electronic experimentation and live instruments based around a theme of legendary and mythical creatures. Listen now on Rdio and Spotify.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing a radical remix of each track on the EP. Check Soundcloud for the first two remixes of the set.

Omniverse: Cryptozoology

Special thanks to Chris Icasiano for his expert drumming, Jonathan Gabel for cover design, and Cat Biell for graphic layout.

A beat-heavy nautical-themed remix of Architeuthus (track 1) from the Cryptozoology EP. Performed live on the Monome with some post editing.
Listen, comment, and download.

Submission for the Monome Community Remix Project 2.0. It's got a little bit of everything based on 30 community submitted samples. Done with Live 8, monome (64), mlr, and a few of Stretta's m4l instruments.

Ambient music derived from thrown away snippets and loops, extended and re-imagined as musical wallpaper. More to come...

Made from 6 guitar loops with some digital delay. Each loop is of a different length (a la Music for Airports).

Official releases

Cryptozoology (2012)
Brown Sky Rewrites (2010) w/Lucy Bland
Dandelion (2003)

An unreleased live Monome remix from the Brown Sky Rewrites days

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And don't forget my SoundCloud page where you can find most all of my latest stuff.